Schedule of Charges- MDB Visa Prepaid Card (Effective from 01 September 2020)

Issuance Fee/ Yearly Fee/ Renewal Fee Free
PIN Replacement Fee Tk. 200
Card Replacement Fee Tk. 200
Initial Load/ Reload Fee Nil
Cash Transaction through ATM At MDB ATM: Free
At NPSB Network: Tk. 15.00
At Q-Cash Network: Tk. 10.00
AT Visa Network: Tk. 30.00
At any ATM in Abroad: USD 1
Vat for ads on Social Media 15% of the transaction amount
Card Closure Fee Tk. 200
Refund of unused balance ➡️ If the balance in the card is claimed
after expiry of the card, the balance will be refunded after deduction of Tk. 200.
➡️ If the balance in the card remains below Tk. 200,
after the expiry of card, the same will be forfeited.


Readily available over the Cash Counter at all branches of Midland Bank Limited.

No need to have a bank account or a credit history (CIB report) to get the card.

Accepted at local and abroad.

At any Midland Bank’s cash counter, ‘midland online’ portal and by fund transfer through NPSB channel.


Eliminates the risk of carrying large amounts of cash.

Shop at millions of Visa merchant worldwide or at millions of online/e-commerce sites

Easier way to track personal spending.

Sense of freedom and independence which comes with the power of the Visa brand.



  • No Issuance Fee.
  • No penal Interest charged on the money you spend.
  • No late charges.
  • No stress of carrying foreign currency.
  • Full cash withdrawal facility from Visa-Logo ATMs across the world.
  • Refund of unutilized fund through Account Transfer, ATM and BEFTN.
  • Free SMS alert for all transactions.
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